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Empanadas “The Story”

Featured as antipasti, appetizer or street food in almost every cuisine of the New World countries. Just as Italians have the Panzerotti or Calzones and in India they have the Samosas, in Spain and Latin America they are known as Empanadas.

They go back far in history and may have originated in the Middle East. The first reference seems to have been centered around Persia and Armenia, centuries before Christ. It is said that it migrated into Arabia with the traditional “Fatay” or “Esfiha”, which resembles our own Empanada. After being introduced into Italy and Spain, it is safe to assume that the Spanish conquerors brought them to the Americas.

Aside from being a delicious and easy to serve food, they can be eaten either hot or cold, as a main meal or a quick snack and they are a great source of complex hydrocarbons, fibers, proteins, minerals, phosphorous, iron, potassium and vitamins.